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  • A short guide to penis enlargement devices: how to choose wisely between ProExtender and a Penis Pump

    A popular, efficient and well-trusted device for helping those suffering from erectile dysfunctions, known as a vacuum penis pump, was introduced to the market in 1970's. Since that time lots of people bought this gadget looking for a remedy to their problems with erection or even wanting to enhance the size and performance of the penis. But it should be noted that for 1970's that was the newest technology available. Since the 70's the medical science has made a good progress, constantly looking for newer and better methods to replace the older ones. Now, for those looking for means to penis enlargement and erection improvement, the market of penis enhancement gadgets offers newer (best natural male enhancement pills) and far more effective devices.

    Thanks to introduction of a completely revolutionary principle of 'penis traction', the veritable breakthrough was made in the area of mechanical penis enlargement gadgets. It was something like an actual quantum leap forward. As a result of careful and extensive clinical research and testing, the creation of efficient and safe penis traction devices became possible in the end. The main principle of the device workings is to increase the volume of the so called corpus cavernosa, which is the part of the penis that provides for erection and insures its quality and duration.

    The mechanical penis enhancement devices of the previous generation, like vacuum pumps, were able to offer only a temporary solution to the problems of poor erections. The devices of the newest generation, which are now being made available, such as the state-of-the-art ProExtender are capable to fix the problem of erectile dysfunction on a permanent base.

    The principle of the penis pumps functioning

    The majority of the penis pump systems employ the principle of vacuum: they create vacuum around the penis body by removing the air, which results in the reverse pressure and draws extra volumes of blood from the blood circulatory system into that part of the penis that is responsible for erection (it is called the corpus cavernosa). As a result, size of the erection efficiently increases, and the proportions are often veritably enormous.

    The penis pump, basically, is simple to operate: in the first place one has to place a special tubular air-tight chamber around the base of the penis. Next step would be to insure air-tightness of a seal. Having secured the seal, one has to slowly pump the air out of the chamber by using an electric or hand pump. Of course, it is not possible to achieve perfect vacuum in the tube, but the slow reduction of the pressure causes excessive inflow of blood to the penis tissues and expansion of erection beyond the usual limits.

    The most irritating problem for most users is the necessity to place a plastic or rubber ring at the base of the penis to prevent the inevitable loss of size once the vacuum chamber is removed. The size and erection gains are temporary, next time the process should be repeated again, so most users view the vacuum penis pump as a device more suitable for 'pleasure pumping' than for efficient improvement of penis size and erection.

    The principle of the ProExtender functioning

    At the bottom functionality rests the principle of traction. In other words, the ProExtender causes tissue of the penis actually grow, making the penis longer, thicker and bigger. The same principle was discovered thousands of years ago by some native peoples who used it to introduce modifications to their bodies. At the same time the similar method is been implemented by modern surgeons in reconstructive surgery in order to create and expand new tissues. The ProExtender applies constant, very gentle and perfectly safe stretching effort to the penis tissues. The body, trying to relieve the pressure created by Pro Extender, actually makes new tissue grow.

    To operate the extender gadget is simple and perfectly safe. In many ways it is similar to operating the vacuum penis pump, though this time there is no vacuum tube to place the penis into. What a user has to do is to correctly position a special ring designed of soft rubber around the head of the penis. After that the extender has to be tightened slightly, in this way applying the needed gentle tension on the penis.

    It should be realized that the amount of time is spent on application of the device and the degree of tension applied to the penis are the two most important factors on which the penis growth speed will depend. According to many users, the increased results can be obtained by combining a device such as the ProExtender System with some quality enlargement supplements.

    How permanent will the results be?

    There are many male persons that choose to give a try to mechanical penis enhancement gadgets in order to achieve increase in penis size and improvement of erection quality. This is what they want to get. And many of them are satisfied with limited capabilities of the vacuum pump, which can be proved by the fact of the continued use of this kind of enhancers. But it should be pointed out that pumps are just a temporary solution. In the class of devices that bring permanent results they do not qualify.

    At the same time the traction devices such as extender have been developed on the bases of established medical techniques exactly as a permanent solution for penis size improvement and better erections. The careful clinical tests fully proved the efficiency and staying power of traction gadgets.

    Some final conclusions

    The truth is that actually there are some theoretical possibilities that constant usage of the vacuum pumping could bring some slight gains in penis size. There are even some reports in this regard. But this theoretical notion has never been proved by any responsible clinical tests. The vacuum pumps are a perfect thing to make your penis ready before each love-making. They do not bring any permanent improvements. If you are inclined to receive permanent effects of penis enlargement, you should give a try to modern traction devices like ProExtender.

    Efficient Methods Of Penis Enlargement. Make Your Penis Much More Impressive With Vacuum Penis Pumping. Natural Penis Enlargement VS Penis Pumps

    It is no secret for male population of various age groups that a lot of guys - probably the majority of all of them - cherish secret plans of successful and permanent penis enlargement. Not many guys are bold and outspoken enough to voice that desire. Most of adult males keep their dreams of making their penises appear bigger, firmer, and longer in the back of their minds, secretly. Nevertheless, many of them might have tried different penis enlargement methods or have considered trying one of them, for instance, penis pumping or penis enhancement pills etc.

    In general, the popularity of penis enlargement methods that are currently offered at the market, experiences constant growth. Among those methods that have gained considerable popularity recently there are vacuum penis pumping, penile extenders (stretchers), various pills, ointments, sprays and dermal patches, to say nothing about penile surgery and natural penis enlargement through special systems of manual exercises. All those methods of penis enlargement have been tried and tested by lots of male individuals with a little or more success. So, through their comments and reports any newbie person, wishing to add a couple of extra inches to his manhood, can find the enlargement technique suitable for his personal ends and needs.

    Penis pumping is just one of several popular methods of penis enlargement, but it has gained certain respect and has shown successful rates of penis enlargement. A lot of men, who used this device in a proper way, reported their total satisfaction with the results of their penis pumping practice. Surely, the success of any penis enlargement practice depends on the right choice of the procedure you have adopted for this purpose. That means you should do some serious research into the field, otherwise you will rick sending your hard-yearned money and time spent directly down the drain, and that would be a shame!

    What makes possible the successful penis enlargement with the help of vacuum penis pumping?

    A vacuum penis pump is a rather simple tubular device with a special rubber stopper ring and pumping mechanism for creation of vacuum inside the tube. A user fits his penis into the pump's tube. The tube rests against the soft rubber stopper ring that was fitted around the penis shaft prior to the pump application. Pumping mechanism is located at the opposite side of the tube. The user starts pumping, creating an area of very low pressure (not exactly the perfect vacuum, of course). Because of the vacuum, created around the penis shaft, the erectile cavities of the penis begin to be filled with extra blood volumes and penis achieves erection - provided, the user is sexually stimulated. The rubber stopper ring prevents the outflow of blood from the penis tissues after the pump has been removed. As you see, in this way a penis pump is an excellent tool to help people with erectile problems.

    Of course, as soon as the rubber ring has been removed, the penis looses its erection. A vacuum penis pump is that kind of device that a user should apply each time when he needs a good erection. Still, the regular usage of a vacuum pump leads to permanent after-effects of penis size enlargement, both in length and girth. This effect can be explained by the stimulation of cells in the penis shaft tissues. Under the influence of the outside stimulation the cells start dividing in bigger quantities, actually growing penis tissues in the desired directions.

    In many ways the effects of vacuum pump can be compared to the effects achieved with the help of a penile extender and natural penis extension exercises. A penis extender (a stretcher) executes a kind of gentle but permanent traction force applied to the penis shaft. Under the influence of the traction force the penis shaft tissues begin to grow, adding extra inches to the penis size. The same effect can be achieved with natural penis enlargement exercises. The difference is only the way the traction force is applied to the penis stem. In case of exercises you do not need any special devices, you just use your own hands, making special movements, similar to massage.

    Each of those methods - vacuum pumps, penis extenders and exercise systems - has its advantages and disadvantages, so a user should consider them carefully in order to choose the most suitable and safe method that would work for him!

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